We PROVOKE Your Success
We Open Your Boundaries
Be Social. Be Different

We Are Your Business TRUSTED Advisor

A look from outside

When everyone in the company has a long history, someone with a different view is required.

Understand your organization

Analyze the processes to better understand your organization.

Understand the processes

Build bridges to link today processes with the future. Appointment arranged to visit your company premises and review existing procedures/business model/sales & marketing organizations.

Enabling ideas

Once areas of non-compliance are identified; GBDS create room for innovative thinking, provides consultancy and assistance in formulating new business plan to rectify the non-compliant sections

How to PROVOKE Your Success



Understand your organization, your sales approach and market opportunities for your products

• Analyze your offering
• Highlighting areas of non-compliance and deliver a plan of action, like:

- Integrate innovative technology
- Improve speed of your digital transformation
- Partner with key Innovative technology players



Your Brand & Marketing strategy to reach customers, improve your reputation and open new markets.

• Communication Strategy: Brand Awareness, Corporate Identity, Social Media and PR.
Reputation, Relation and Identity
• Marketing Strategy & Execution
• Digital Strategy
• Customer Insights: analyze consumer’s behavior and what determines its change



Support your Sales & Marketing organization to quickly improve sales revenues

• Sales force management
• Sales training
• Business Development
• Bid Management
• Partners Development



Support the Enterpreneur offering different perspectives, new ideas and evolving networking business capabilities

• Organizational Performance Improvement
• Streamline business process
• Business Integration & Cooperation
• Human Manage Capital
• Internationalization

Our areas of Expertise


  • We design a comprehensive Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Business Plans, adopting digital and non-digital channels
  • We create Brand positioning, marketing campaigns, lead generation and Product promotion, in line with your goals
  • We implement your Social Media strategy
  • We develop your media relations strategy, seeking high-level placements in print, broadcast and online media


  • We are driven by success
  • We are amazing at selling solutions across the Enterprise (C-Level)
  • We are visionary to adopt new models on sales
  • We develop and execute all key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans required to achieve revenues

Who we are

GBDS Network has been founded in 2013 as member of HTLC Network Group by:

  • Corrado Morandi
    Corrado Morandi
  • Gabriele Porro
    Gabriele Porro
  • Andrea Colombo
    Andrea Colombo

Our value is the strong experience, wide knowledge and proven methodological approach in sales and marketing operations of the business arena.

We are member of HTLC Network Group

Our team includes sales directors, account managers, business developers, marketing and communication directors, social communication, digital marketing and lead generation experts, technical consultants, legal and tax experts, Human Capital Management.

Born in 1969, HTLC is offering integrated services and consulting support for HR, Tax & Legal, Merge & Acquisition over 40 different countries.



The industry is changing gears to service an increasingly dynamic environment through a tighter coupling between business processes and the underlying technology.

Experience across different geographies, products, complexities, and regulatory requirements have enabled efficient service providers to set up Team in a variety of functions.

More than 30 years (average) experience maturated in multinational companies.

These Team help consolidate best practices, drive standardization, and create room for innovative thinking, besides bringing in economies of scale.

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GBDS Network SA, Head Quarter – Corso San Gottardo, 16 6830 Chiasso (CH)
+41 91 682 6064

GBDS Network SA, Italian Branch – Via Tommaso da Cazzaniga 9/6, 20121 Milano (IT)
+39 02 657 0566